SurgiSculpt Lipo 360 – Why it works

The SurgiSculpt Difference

You’ll love the experience you have

Be committed to your personal goals

A 360-degree artistic approach to body sculpting

High-tech, state-of the-art technologies

Optimize surgical outcomes with proprietary protocols

Safety is our number one priority

SurgiSculpt Liposuction

Only a surgeon who is able to understand the patient’s goals for liposuction and uses the most advanced tools can achieve extraordinary results. Advanced surgical tools are used, including the most advanced VASER High-Definition liposuction technology and Renuvion skin tightening technology.

SurgiSculpt Body Contouring

A 360-degree 3D approach to body contouring is the best way to achieve superior results. It focuses on your goals. Let the SurgiSculpt(tm), surgeons show you how to create the body of dreams.

Breast Surgery

From our own experience, we know that breasts are crucial to women’s sense of femininity. SurgiSculpt(tm) is dedicated to helping you find the perfect breast contour that meets your needs.

SurgiSculpt Brazilian Butt Lift

Our BBL Assessment Tool allows you to communicate with your surgeon and achieve the desired buttock size and shape. This collaboration between doctor and patient avoids the need to perform Brazilian buttock lift revisions.

Male cosmetic plastic surgery

Men today are more concerned about their appearance than ever. Our SurgiSculpt team is driven by advances in high-definition abdominal contouring such as the etching and creation of six-packs, and our Armor Plate chest which treats stubborn fat and “manboobs.”

Are you aware that we have mentioned collaboration?

Collaboration with your surgeon is key to creating and executing the best surgical plan. The best plan is created when both sides listen to each other and work together towards the same goal. Each client has different goals.

We value each client’s concerns. Our surgeons will listen to you and communicate with you.

Patients need to feel confident in their surgeons’ abilities, but also that they hear them. The clients who are most satisfied with their results say that they have confidence in their surgeons’ abilities and that their wishes were taken into consideration.